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Is Harry Kane the Best Striker in the world?

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand considers that Harry Kane could be your best striker in the world.After the attraction Juventus of Tottenham, Gary Lineker requested Rio Ferdinand the BT Sport pundits and Steven Gerrard, to discuss their opinions. The Liverpool captain asserted that the Barcelona celebrity Luis Suarez will be your best striker on the planet.

 Harry Kane. Easy. Harry Kane’s made it.” His speed is just nothing short of outstanding. Additionally, the England international is an extremely complete forward who is able to join with his teammates also has got a remarkable departure range. When it comes to being the finest on the planet, not many can overlook the credentials of Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan has been a happening for Liverpool from the Premier-league plus He’s carried that kind to Barcelona too. Suarez has played with 12-1 goals in his past few seasons. Kane has handled 94 goals in his past few seasons. Concerning absolute ability, technical skill, and intellect, the La Liga forwards will be head and shoulders above Kane. Suarez indicates his caliber at the maximum degree with also his nation along with Barcelona. As of that time period, England is far a lot better compared to Suarez, although Kane might carry onto develop into the striker finally.

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